Kaing The son of Kaidus, of the house of Thorn.
Shendoa The Underworld cavern of Shendoa.
Beyond Oshiyne The Tower of the Ice Maiden.
The Castle The castle-city of King Grack.
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  • Dwarves

    Tribal Warriors

    The history of the dwarves is a rapid evolution of a primitive species adapting to become a thriving civilized culture.

    The dwarves originally were nothing more than pygmies, an offshoot species distantly related to humankind, of a much smaller stature. They lived in the valleys and high plains as goat herders and tribal warriors. They wore loincloths, and used dyes and clays to paint their bodies and simple shields. They hunted with slender wooden spears and wore the bones of their hunt as necklaces and jewelry.

    Upon the arrival of the humans, and other larger peoples, the dwarves were forced from their lands, and into the mountains. As a matter of necessity for survival, they dug into the caves and caverns, and through the years discovered ore, and how to sculpt it. They forever retained much of their culture from their humble beginnings--mingling their bone jewelry and tribal paintings with their mastered art of crafting metal into armor and weapons.

  • Humans

    The Humans

    The humans, as children of Earth, were the first inhabitants of the Underworld Valley, even before the dwarves or the gargoyles.

    The natives of the surrounding valleys, all possessing a darker skin, lived in tribes or smaller nations when entire ships of men came, all with pale skin. The coming of the whites, and their aggression as they claimed ownership of many territories, caused the formation of many alliances between the many tribes of natives. With unity they had never before achieved, the natives formed entire nations to keep the whites from taking more of their lands.

    Through the centuries of conflict following the arrival of the white-skinned invaders, the five southern kingdoms of men were formed. The northern three all ruled by white kings, and the two southern larger kingdoms, ruled by the original inhabitants of all the lands from Maunth to the Oshiyne. With the coming of Grack, the five southern kingdoms are torn between laying their differences aside to fight a common enemy, or to join with Grack to annihilate their rivals.

  • Elves

    Elves of the Yuthiya

    The elves arrived in the areas near Yakt Tsare and had made peaceful treaties with the native humans long before any other peoples came to the neighboring lands. The elves were admired and revered by the natives, and given many honors and privilege in their societies. The elves kept to themselves, and cultivated their culture and traditions for centuries. The elves thrived, and in their prosperity expanded their beautifully crafted city.

    After the establishment of other nations, the elves opened their doors to the outside, and the decline of their culture and city began. With the coming of Grack, the elves were divided as they were forced to consider an alliance with him. As an alliance was made, the much smaller division of elves formed a rebellion, to preserve the last of their original culture and traditions, and await for the coming of the Eye-Eloa promised to come by Shadow, the prophet of the last of the Yuthiya.

  • Gargoyles


    From Cliff Dwellers and Hunters

    In the early times of the Underworld Valley, before the human invaders came from the west, and before The Conqueror invaded from the north, gargoyles lived in primitive tribes upon the cliffs. They lived in caves or on large outcroppings in their large woven huts, and their flute songs and drums were embraced by all.


    After The Conqueror was known, and established himself at the mouth of the valley, the gargoyles, and their relationships with the dwarves and men of the valley changed drastically. Rather than carrying on a life of tolerance, their relationship quickly came to be one of dependence. In the decades and centuries following, the dwarves and humans interaction with the gargoyles greatly influenced each others development. Indeed, they helped shape each others culture, as their culture became one, with the birth of Shendoa, the Underworld nation.


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Underworld Legacy Illustrations

Saul Rip drew these pictures between classes during his freshman year at college, using his roommates as models for several of the pictures. The pictures were originally drawn with alcohol-based felt-tipped pens on 22" x 17" paper. Even between class time, each picture took three to four days to complete. Originally, Saul drew nine pictures with plans to equally distribute them through the first trilogy in the Underworld Series.


The Pictures

Alamor, is a tribal chieftain of the Centurions, a reptilian species that lives in the Maunth swamp. The Oshiyne is a picture of the southernmost areas of Nabonidas, an area Kaing must explore in Speakers of Eloa, the second book in the Underworld Legacy Trilogy. Other illustrations show depictions of major characters such as Kaing, his wife Kiara, his brother Ghon, and one of the villains of the story, Prince Sarle.

Get signed copies of every book in the series from Author and Illustrator Saul Rip! The perfect gift!


A Picture History of The Underworld Series

Follow the evolution of the Underworld series from the time the story began with original illustrations from author and artist Saul Rip Hansen. The Beginnings gallery starts with pictures from 1993 to the present.


Concept World and Character Building

Enjoy the concept studies of how different characters look and move, as well as armor, weapons, and clothing concepts. Artist Saul Rip Hansen would often draw such pictures in his margins to assist him with descriptions in the story.


Character Index

The Character and Name Index page has the names of every character, place, or country, from main characters to characters that are only met in passing. The Character and Name Index only has names from the first book in the Underworld Legacy Trilogy, The Rise of Shendoa.

Short Stories

Additional Writing Advice

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